Why shouldn’t we just buy a dunk tank?

A Dunk Tank may cost up to thousands of dollars to buy where the Soak ‘n’ Wet sells for $249.99 with discounted shipping/handling!

What is your alternative dunk tank made of?

Our alternative dunk tank is made out of durable PVC material. PVC makes it extremely durable and portable

What is the recommended age group?

6 years and up

Can you take the dunk tank apart?

The dunk tank comes apart easily and is perfect for storage

Will the bucket overflow with water?

You turn the valve to put the amount of water you want and then turn the valve to shut off the water

Do you ship internationally?


How long does our warranty last?

Customer has 30 days for a full refund from purchase date

How much water does your alternative dunk tank hold?

Unlike expensive dunk tanks, our alternative dunk tank only holds 5 quarts of water!

How much does this dunk tank weight?

This dunk tank only weighs 25 pounds

How big is the dunk tank?

38 x 72 x 28 inches

Does something come with the tank to hit the target?

Yes, included are lightweight vinyl bean bags

What if something on the dunk tank breaks?

We have replacement parts for almost every part of the dunk tank

Do you need tools to assemble this?

No tools are necessary for assembly